Software solutions

Software and Applications

This suite of software has been running for over 30 years in a variety of small to large scale industries.

Suilven Associates have a long and distinguished history in planning systems. We understand the uncertainty of predicting what will happen tomorrow and we understand the need to focus your own work-force, suppliers and customers alike, on working together to achieve objectives and meet targets.

Print Planning

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A comprehensive information system and planning tool for studios, print shops and their customers, that connects all the functions in and around printing

PrintPlan is the product of 20 years working in and around print sites all over Europe. It is the only system specifically built for the metal printing industry.

Connect Businesses

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Collecting information between our software applications and your current systems to give you complete Supply Chain Visibility.

Connect links Supply Chain processes across department, site and company boundaries.

Can Planning

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A suite of scheduling tools that are used to plan coil-cutting, slitting, component manufacture and can making.

CanPlan allows the planner to split orders coming in from ERP/MRP systems into smaller batches.


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A technical design tool for drawing schematic layouts for chosen components on sheets.

It allows blanks to be automatically laid out on any size sheet and be presented on the screen or paper to the production team.

Your Data

Each application provides the user with advanced and sophisticated features to create customised data reports.

Your Business

We develop tailor made software for customers who cannot find the right software to fit their needs

Trust and Safety

Our excellent track record shows that we have a commitment to delivering the highest service to our clients.